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SEMI-GAS® Systems manufactures Nanoturion™ Valve Manifold Boxes in Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual configurations. SEMI-GAS® Systems Nanoturion™ Valve Manifold Boxes are the state of the art in Ultra High Purity Gas Distribution and Control. Some examples of our gas distribution products are pictured below. Customized valve manifold box designs are also readily available.

Design Applications

The Valve Manifold design is ideal for supplying specialty gases to process tools that manufacture the most challenging nanotechnology applications. The system is available in a variety of process-specific configurations.

In-line Architecture

An in-line architecture, unique to SEMI-GAS® Systems, and a compact modular design reduce the dead space volume compared to other high-purity valve manifold configurations.

Contamination Protection

Utilizing springless diaphragm valves, pressure transducers, and tied diaphragm regulators, the Valve Manifold Box is engineered to eliminate contamination of the source supply of specialty gases.


The result is a valve manifold with excellent purge efficiency providing maximum protection for both your operations and your processes.