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Xturion™ Custom Gas Equipment

Mobilytix™ - Mobile Analytical Cart

ordering data

For information on Mobilytix™ Mobile Analytical Cart contact your SEMI-GAS® Systems Sales Representative or call 610-647-8744


Accurately Analyzes Process Line Gases for Impurities
Designed to Monitor and Protect Critical Downstream Gas      Processes and Tools
Monitors Moisture, Oxygen, Particle Levels and Trace      Impurities of Nitrogen, Argon and Oxygen
Easy System Operation via Individual Analyzer Control Panels
Integrated Fully Automatic Data Logging Controller Monitors &      Compiles Analyzer Data
- Color Touchscreen
- Samples up to Six Analog Input Channels
- Different Screen Views with Sample Trends
- Sample Ranges Span Days to Years
- 4 GB Compact Flash Card
Optional Helium Inlet Purifier
Lockable Heavy Duty Steel Casters for Easy Mobility
Voltage: 120 to 240 VAC, 1 Phase

engineering data

Dimensions: 44" T X 24" W X 40" D (pictured)
* Can be customized
Voltage: 100 - 240 VAC
Frequency: 50 To 60 Hz
¼" MVCR Inlet Connections
½" Compression Vent Outlet Connection

materials of construction

Various Analyzers Available. As Pictured Includes:
− Tiger Optics HALO H2O Moisture Analyzer
− Delta F 550E Trace Oxygen Analyzer
− PMS Micro LPC-101 HP Particle Counter
− Peak Laboratories Performer 1 PDHID Trace Impurities           Analyzer
Ultra-High Purity Process Gas Routing Panel
Ultra-High Purity Analyzer Routing Panel
12 Ga Black Steel Enclosure with Lockable, Breathable Steel      Mesh Doors

mobilytix Mobile Analytical Cart
Mobilytix™ Mobile Analytical Cart Front View

Mobilytix Mobile Analytical Cart Rear View
Mobilytix™ Mobile Analytical Cart Rear View