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Xturion™ Custom Gas Equipment


ordering data

For information on the Mini Gas Enclosure (MGE-X™) contact your SEMI-GAS® Systems Sales Representative or call 610-647-8744


Mini Gas Enclosure
Specifically Designed for Small Process and Purge
     Gas Cylinders
Safely Dispenses Hazardous Process Gases
Automatic Shutdown in the Event of an Alarm Trip
Performs Purging Automatically
Includes Ergonomically Positioned Color Touch Screen
Intuitive Operating Interface
Features GigaGuard™ PLC Based GSM Controller
Continuously Monitors System Conditions for Alarms
Multiple Communications Protocol Available
Magnehelic and Pressure Switch Exhaust Detection
Adjustable Back-mounted Exhaust Ducts
Optional Single Source Design for Future Expansion
Optional Welded Steel Rack
Optional Auto-Switchover Capabilities (MGE-XS Model)
Optional Sub-Atmospheric Gas Delivery (MGE-XV Model)

engineering data

Dimensions: 69" T x 32" W x 27" D (without optional rack)
Exhaust Ducts (2): 6" Diameter
Window Open Duct Flows (2) : 60-70 SCFM
Voltage: 120 to 230 VAC, 1 Phase
Frequency: 50 To 60 Hz

materials of construction

Welded 11 Ga Steel Enclosure
Self-Closing and Self-Latching Double Doors with Divider Plate
Self-Closing and Lockable Windows
13 Ga Adjustable Steel Shelves with Cylinder Straps
Reinforced Mounting Holes
UL Approved Fire Sprinklers
1/4" Thick Safety Glass Windows

MGE-X™ No Rack System

MGE-X™ Open
MGE-X™ With Optional Rack