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Xturion™ Custom Gas Equipment

VaporX™ - Low Vapor Pressure Gas Source System

Ordering Data

For information on VaporX™ Low Vapor Pressure Gas Source Systems contact your SEMI-GAS® Systems Sales Representative or call 610-647-8744


Low Vapor Pressure Gas Source System
Designed for the Safe Delivery of Low Vapor Pressure
Liquified Process Gases
Ultra-High Purity Construction Suitable for Hazardous and
Non-Hazardous Gas Applications
Performs Cylinder Switchover Automatically
Designed for Two Gas Sources (as pictured)
1CE x 1CE Model or 2CE Model
Based on Gas Specifications
Three Cylinder Models Available
Features GigaGuard™ Fully Automatic PLC Controller with Autopurge Capabilities
Includes Ergonomically Positioned 8" Color Touch Screen
Intuitive Operating Interface
Continuously Monitors System Conditions for Alarms
Multiple Communications Protocol Available
Magnehelic and Pressure Switch Exhaust Detection
Includes Fully Automatic Gas Cylinder Heating Package External Heater Controller
Cylinder Heating Blanket(s)
Process Gas Line Heat Tracing and Insulation
Optional Point-Of-Use Mass Flow Controller Box
Integrated PLC Control
Heated Low Vapor Pressure Mass Flow Controllers
Pneumatically Actuated Valves
Optional UV/IR Flame Detectors

Engineering Data

Dimensions: Varies By Model
Includes Heater Controller Enclosure
1CE x 1CE: 86" T x 39" W x 23" D
2CE: 86" T x 33" W x 23" D
3CE: 86" T x 48" W x 23" D
Exhaust Ducts: 6" Diameter
Window Open Duct Flow: 350 SCFM
Voltage: 120 to 240 VAC, 1 Phase
Frequency: 50 To 60 Hz
CE Certified

Materials of Construction

Welded 11 Ga Steel Enclosure
Self-Closing and Self-Latching Cabinet Door(s)
Self-Closing and Lockable Window(s)
13 Ga Adjustable Steel Cylinder Shelves
Heavy Cast Aluminum Cylinder Brackets
UL Approved Fire Sprinklers
1/4" Thick Safety Glass Windows
9" Stainless Steel Cylinder Scale(s)

VaporX Low Vapor Pressure Gas Source System
1CE x 1CE Model

Custom Hybrix Gas Source and Distribution System
2CE Model